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At Story, we always look at the world around us for inspiration to develop our ideas and bring them to life.

As a female led business we are always keen to do what we can to champion other female creatives and get their works known and seen.

We have recently visited and taken inspiration from three exhibitions showcasing female artists and their beautiful work, which has in turn inspired us to create our new collections.

In Paris, Julinka headed to see an exhibition devoted to female artists; Surréalisme au Féminin. Surrealism redefined aesthetics and ethics in the twentieth century. Countless visionary women shaped the movement, but were overshadowed by men.

No longer being silenced, Musée de Montmartre is showcasing 150 works created by 50 women including major artists; Claude Cahun, Toyen and Dora Maar. Surrealism created an opportunity for female creatives to express their artistic talents by using their freedom to carve out their own paths.

Taking inspiration from the butterfly works, our designs in our collection have a beautiful, intricate nod to this.

Unleash the Artistic Rebel! Berthe Morisot, a trailblazing Impressionist. With swift brushstrokes, she captured the essence of contemporary life and intimate moments. NOW ON AT DULWICH PICTURE GALLERY.

Despite never meeting, Klint and Mondrian created their own translation of abstract art with inspiration from nature. They both had a shared passion and the desire to develop an intricate understanding of shape and forms on Earth.

As well as nature, both artists enjoyed exploring new ideas of scientific discovery, spirituality and philosophy. Their interests sparked their minds to create immersive, brightly coloured designs.

As a trained Medium, Klint's paintings often explored large scaled, unearthly works which she believed were gifted to her by higher powers.


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