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Did you all have a good Spring break?

I'm taking a little break from the Story Studio this week to spend some quality family time in the countryside but our ateliers in India are working hard on an exciting new collection that lands at the end of this month.

We were awed by the latest Dior show held in Mumbai celebrating the rich, cultural and diverse talent and craftsmanship in embroidery and embellishment from India.

Story itself came into being through a 20 year relationship with Indian artisans. We have worked alongside two specialist embroidery ateliers, one in Delhi and the other in Mumbai, bringing Story designs to life for you.

Last week I unearthed some jewels in the crown from our archives which celebrate the very best of artisanal hand techniques from India and some rare psychedelic 60's prints echoing the vibes from the Dior Pre Fall show.

Get in touch if you would like to see or find out more.

Register here for online access to our collection

Love and Gratitude

Julinka x


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