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How are you all?

I'm back from a half term trip to Warsaw to see family, friends, eat cake and our favourite dish, pierogi :)

Back in time for Strictly Halloween and prepping for sparkle season. It's time to hunker down, get cosy and start knitting to keep the chill at bay and £££'s off the heating bills! We'll be bringing in lots of embroidered knitwear to keep you looking a la mode. Watch this space, our Instagram and website for more.

Halloween is one of my favourite times of year. We celebrate with full on dressing up and revelry on the 31st and then a more thoughtful, poignant way on 1st November for Polish "All Saints Day". This is a day we remember our dead loved ones by lighting candles and bringing flowers to their graves.

We have also just celebrated Diwali, the festival of lights with our dearest friends and colleagues in India.

Whatever you believe in, keep the light shining.

Love Julinka x

If you fancy a Scary Story then head to our Halloween Shop to view our selection of spooky designs...

DIWALI celebrations in India (left)

ALL SOUL'S DAY celebrations in Poland (middle)

Folk designs from Poland. Colourful "pajaki" chandeliers made from tissue paper and straw. (right).


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