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She's like a Rainbow

Hello! It's been a while...

We've been off grid for a while whilst school was out but we're back with a Story to end the Summer with splashes of 1970's Bohemia and colour.

I managed to get my hands on some incredible 1970's hand painted print strike offs from a Parisian couture house and we've used these to patch and embroider onto.

The seventies were a time of freedom, liberation, social change, female empowerment and of course hippies and disco.

Designers and hobbyists played with patch-work, reworking and re-purposing fabrics to create new fashion statements and looks.

Let's celebrate our new freedoms with some joy and colour!

All designs can be viewed and purchased here:

***remember to register first***

Make an appointment via Zoom or in person (we are now also welcoming our clients in house in our fantastic new studio in Peckham).

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