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We have a gorgeous array of laced swatches that combine delicacy with additional beadwork and stitching elements. And so this week, we are reporting on our latest trend highlight: Place the Lace.

A trend that isn't confined to the boudoir; it's all about embracing lace as an everyday luxury. 

From enchanting nightwear to graceful day-to-evening ensembles, our lace creations tell a story of sophistication and romance. 

A moment of HiStory

Lace was a luxury material born in 15th-century Europe. 

Crafted by skilled hands, lace became a symbol of nobility. From Venetian florals to Belgian geometry, each region wove its tale. The Industrial Revolution brought lace to all, but handcrafted allure persevered. Today, lace is used within bridal gowns and haute couture, a timeless testament to artisan craftsmanship.

Discover our Place the Lace trend...


Our Place the Lace collection is ready for you to view. 

If you would like a curated selection made for you please get in touch.

 A P P O I N T M E N T S 

With Spring and sunshine ahead, we are taking bookings for March. 

If you're looking to add exquisite hand embroidered and embellished designs to your collection then it's the perfect time to enquire. 

If you're looking for designs outside of our lace collection we have plenty in our portfolio to show you. 

We can't wait to meet with you and your team!

Reach out today to book your appointment and discover new pieces to develop in your collection.

Love, Team Story x


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