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The New Look...

Pinch, punch first of the month.

The sun is shining, the days are longer, it feels good.

We will not be travelling to New York or Paris this season


Fear not! We are showing our brand new Summer 2023 collection at private appointments and over Zoom.


Register here for online access:

Our 'New Look' is all about using natural materials for embroidery and employing traditional, artisan techniques to create new textures and stories. A gentler, more sustainable approach, using straw, wood, fabric manipulation, crochet etc to make surface decoration more environmentally conscious.

More to come...

Love and Gratitude

Julinka x

Natural fabric bases and tones using rope, ribbon work, cord, wooden beading and shells together with hand stitching and fabric pleating, plaiting and stitch work.

Newness has arrived! It's not all online yet, so get in touch if you want to preview

All our artworks are hand drawn and lovingly brought to life by hand in our specialist artisan units in India.

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