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Dear Friends, As a Pole with family in Warsaw, I am hearing first hand about the plight of Ukrainian refugees which now total over 1.7 million. Poland has no refugee camps, all refugees are taken into Polish homes by volunteers. The Poles remember only too well the years of Russian occupation and is of course also fearful of its own fate but it stands in solidarity as I think we all do, with the Ukrainian people. This week I am sharing some some images from incredible Ukrainian designers and artists. I hope these are inspiring and uplifting and a reminder that art and design has the power to bring us together with joy and hope. There are many charities that are helping to raise funds for Ukrainian refugees, consider donating or supporting them. Stay safe and look after each other. Love and Gratitude Julinka x

Beautiful folk art by Mariya Prymachenko. Mariya was a self taught-artist who created mysterious, folkloric paintings for neighbours and friends in her village. Inspired by nature, stories and myths, her work is now treasured and sought after. It has been reported that many of her works were burnt in a fire at Ivankiv museum this month during the invasion however, local residents were able to save some of her art.

Painted house in Petrykivka. The local people paint their homes, belongings and musical instruments with ornamental flora and fauna. The elements are rich in symbolism.

New and exciting fashion by (left) PASKAL known for delicate silhouettes and now part of Paris Fashion Week and (middle) Sleeper, specialising in luxury sleep and lounge wear. Vita Kin (right) - takes her inspiration from traditional Ukrainian folk designs. Each piece is hand made in their workshop in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Incredible folk floristry headpieces and costumes.

Floral wreaths were traditionally worn by young, unmarried women.


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