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Are you looking for a little bit of positivi-tee in your next collection?

This week we're blending optimism with empowerment in honour of International Women's Day on March 8th. 

Our array of embroidered and embellished slogan tees aren't just fashion statements; they're decorations of solidarity, strength, and progress.

From bold statements to subtle affirmations, our embroidered and embellished slogans are designed to inspire and uplift. 

It's not just fashion; it's a movement. 

Handcrafted in our atelier, each piece injects a playful touch into every collection. This line brings something a little different to the mix. 

If bold statements aren't your style, we've got you covered with a range of playful embroidered designs... 

From fruity-inspired to holiday-themed and even cute animal motifs, there's something for everyone in this fun collection.

Discover Positivitee Power...


Let's turn the spotlight on Julinka Misztal, the creative powerhouse behind

Story Designs...

With over 20 years of fashion expertise, Julinka's journey began with iconic brands like Christian Lacroix and Rebecca Taylor. 

In 2012, she embarked on her own adventure, founding Story Designs, a studio full of vibrant, directional embroidery and embellishment. 

Today, Julinka's flair for the feminine, combined with a modern edge, defines Story Designs' signature style.


Among Julinka Misztal's major muses is the iconic Pina Bausch, well known for her groundbreaking contributions to dance-theatre. 

Bausch's evocative works, such as 'Café Müller' and 'Frühlingsopfer,' challenge perceptions and delve deep into the intricacies of human relationships. Her unique process, rooted in improvisation and personal experiences, resonates deeply with Julinka's own background in dance.

Julinka holds a strong appreciation for Pina Bausch's work, attending the performance of "Nelken" at Sadler's Wells religiously every year!

So that's a bit about us, what about you?

A P P O I N T M E N T S 

Our collection of beautiful embroidered and embellished textiles is brimming with delights, ready to land themselves in your hands.

The good news is, our appointment process couldn't be simpler. 

Either reply to this email or hit the button below to book a personal one to one appointment at a convenient time for you.

Enquire today to book with Story and get ready to explore a new direction for your next collection.

Love, Team Story x


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