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A Dose of Denim!


It's a frosty week here at Story HQ and inspired by the January Blues, we've curated a selection of our NEW denim pieces.


Picture this: reworked vintage denim into appliques, 3D florals and patchwork. In fact... you don't need to test your imagination as we've created a moodboard of our favourite crafted pieces. 

Or better yet, why not book in to view our new range in person?

With the collection being so new, this is exclusive to appointments only.

With our eyes fixed on the Catwalk we've spotted some striking pieces from our favourite designers . . .

Through the Story collection, we've continued the trend of upleveled casual wear with embroidered denim in both an occasion and streetwear vibe. 

So why not add a dose of denim and elevate your upcoming collection with one of our stunning pieces?



We love the work of NKWO; their commitment to preserving traditional crafts resonates with our heart at Story. 

Crafted in Nigeria, each piece echoes a rich heritage through weaving, beading, dyeing, and embroidery. Their "Dakala" fabric, hand-loomed and upcycled, beautifully aligns with our sustainable vision.

Y O U ' R E  I N V I T E D

In the lead up to the much anticipated first show of the year, Paris Prints, we will be taking you through the SS25 trend highlights.

If you like the sound of this, be sure to get in touch for a pre-appointment so you can guarantee to be the first to see our new additions.

Love, Team Story x


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