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Romantic Regency Rebellion

If you haven't indulged in the visual splendour (on many levels ;) of Bridgerton, it is never too later to join the Regency party.

The Regency period was exciting, romantic and rebellious. Many historians consider it the birth of the modern world. Radical new ideas were challenging the conventional thinking of the past. Mary Woolenscraft was penning the first feminist manifestos, Bryon was writing wildly romantic poetry, Turner painting expressive landscapes. There was an explosion in the development of science as people wanted to suddenly understand the world around them and how it worked and

women played a fundamental part in shaping this era of curiosity and creativity by challenging traditional boundaries through art, literature and science.

Sounds a little like what we are going through now, doesn't it?

As we come out of lockdown I feel we too are going through a new Regency period of rebirth with new ideas, radical change in technology and consumerism shaping our lives hopefully for the better.

This month we are inspired by all things Regency. Delicate hand embellishments grace hand dyed pastel silks, hand cut flower petals adorn dresses, colours are soft like a Turner watercolour and ideas romantic like Mary Shelley.

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Love and gratitude

Julinka xxx

Exquisite hand embellishment and embroidery inspired by the ladies of Bridgerton...

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Images: Brock Collection SS20, Story Designs embroidery, Bridgerton, Regency Fashion plate

Be inspired by these three incredible Regency women.

One - Ada Lovelace, daughter of Lord Bryon. Ada was a phenomenal mathematician and inventor who today is credited with inventing the first computer system due to her method of calculating the sequence of Bernoulli numbers.

Two - Mary Anning. Recognised now as one of the pioneers in paleontology. Mary began fossil hunting at the age of 12 in Lyme Regis to support her family. She is credited with discovering an ichthyosaurus and a pterodactyl.

Three - Jane Austen. Needs no introduction. "It isn't what we say or think that defines us, but what we do" Sense and Sensibility.

Until next time...

Julinka xxx


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